Buffalo Stampede Ready to March into the Year

The Buffalo Stampede isn’t beating to a new drum, but they are getting new uniforms this year.

“They’re cool because we have three different types of uniforms now,” Giselle Martinez, arts and communications sophomore said “They’re all one uniform, but we can change them out to make them into three different types of uniform.”

The new uniforms consist of black pants and a jacket with removable pieces so that you are able to make them different. The colors are still brown, white and gold, but with different designs. Everyone in band is very excited for the new uniforms because the old ones, which had been around for about 15 to 20 years, were getting very old and falling apart. The old uniforms are now being sold to past and present band members for $50, or $90 for a band uniform quilt. Martinez said that, this being her first year in marching band at the high school, it has been a great experience so far and she’s made a lot of new friends. She is looking forward to going to competition and seeing how far they will go with their music and their new movements.

The band is also going to perform for marching competition on Oct. 28, and this time they’re bringing in a more competitive aspect because the students really enjoy trying out different things.

“We’re going to be adding some cool new moves to the actual drill,” Dominic Combs, trade and health sophomore said “The playing is a bit more on the complex side, so that’s why we only have three movements this year, so we can work more on our technique.”

Combs is very proud of how far the students have come and how hard they have been working. They first started practicing on July 31 at band camp, which was a chance for the students to get to know their sections, go over the new music and learn drills. Since then, they have been rehearsing, and their first performance was on the Aug. 4 to show parents their progress. They will be at all of the home football games cheering on our Buffaloes with music. After all of their hard work, the Buffalo band cannot wait to share their skills with the high school and march on the field in their new uniforms.

Cassidy Knoll is an arts and communication sophomore.  Contact her at knollc@student.gckschools.com.

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