Soccer Scores First Wins of the Season

Starting the season the right way, the Garden City High school Boys Soccer team dominated Hays Tuesday at Buffalo Stadium. The Buffs with a total of 24 shots kept the Hays goalkeeper busy. while Buffs goalkeeper Francisco Beciril and Jose Betanco only with five shots, with each of them having a single save. The first goal of the seasons as scored by senior forward Brian Carrera in the seventh minute. Taking a cross from senior Jesus Macia, Carrera effortlessly placed his shot in the lower left corner of the goal. Following Carrera was Alonso Vera in the 13th minute, when his shot was rebounded from Hays goalkeeper right back at him and Vera was able to place the ball in the back of the net. Macias made it 3-0 in the 38th minute, when he dribbled down the middle taking on defenders and being able to shoot the ball past the outreach of Hays goalkeeper. Increasing the lead to 4-0 in the 62nd minute, senior Emanuel Carrillo took possession of the ball placed it on the right side of the goal just inside the goal box. Hays not giving up scored not more than a minute later.

“We played well for our first game but I know we are capable of doing a lot more damage.” Senior Brian Carrera from the Health and Trade academy said. Many of us were nervous for it being our first game but I know the more we play together the better we will get.”

Alec Keonsengphet ended the scoring in the 75th minute, when he was able to dodge and take on a defender, shooting past the last line of defense sealing the win for the Buffs. The Buffs next game will be Tuesday at Goddard Invitational opener against El Dorado, which will start at 5 pm. Carrera not satisfied with the win said, “There is only room for improvement. We will better ourselves individually and as a team for the upcoming matches, and with practice we will be ready to take on bigger and better teams.”

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