There’s a brand new app for the school this year, which many students have already downloaded. It’s called The Herd. It is an interactive app that gets students, teachers, and people in the community involved in sporting events for the high school.

“Many colleges have used this app so I thought it would be a unique way to get more participation in school events,” Michael Thon, GCHS Athletic director said.

The app allows users to check in online to sporting events, or even pep rallies for students. There are no requirements to get this app or sign up for it. Users then earn points for attending and can save those points and later use them to get t-shirts, sweatshirts, and jackets.

“It’s definitely worth downloading the apps since it is free, all you have to do is show up and support your school and you will get points,” Thon said. 

Students also had great things to say about this app.

“When I heard about it I thought it was really cool because it gets people interacting with the high school. I downloaded it and have been checking into events ever since” Abby Ellerman, GCHS freshman, said. 

Most people are all about competing and getting prizes. When you create an account, users click on your category to compete with other teachers, students, or parents. Not only are students enjoying this app, but teachers are enjoying this app as well.

”I have the app and I’m super excited to not only attend events and see my students, but the incentives are also appreciated.” Mrs. Hackett, a trade and health academy teacher, said.

There are many different features to this app. Users can check what place you’re in and it places you by how many points you have. Users can also check how many more points you need to get actual prizes. This app isn’t only about getting points. If users are unable to make it to a game at the high school, The Herd allows you to watch it live straight from the app. It also has the entire sporting calendar if you need to know what date and time a game is. The Herd App can be found in the App Store. 

Emily Ortiz is a health and trade academy sophomore. You can contact her at ortize@student.gck

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