Cross Country Crosses Off Meets

Emily Ortiz – Sugar Beet Staff Reporter

Garden City High School has many different sports and clubs to join with one of the more popular ones being cross country. They have many returning runners this season along with new runners.

“So far I’ve really enjoyed cross country and also our coaches are amazing.” Taylor Savolt junior said. This is Savolt’s first year running for Garden City High School’s cross country team.

“I got 5th on the junior varsity team at Hays and I felt I did better than usual because I was hydrated. I’ve learned it’s very important to drink lots of water because your body needs it and uses it, especially in the hot whether conditions we run in.” Destiny Avila sophomore said. The cross country team went to Hays last Thursday. Both the boys and the girls teams took first.

“I ran pretty good at Hays, I finished sixth and the second runner from Garden. The course was pretty hard and it was kind of tough because it was very windy and the temperature was in the upper 90’s.” Savolt said. As for the boys Javier Cervantes came in 2nd over all, and first from Garden on varsity. The cross country team ran four days a week in the summer.

“Practices are really intense because our coaches push us really hard so that we can do our best, theirs never a day that’s easy. There are days that are easier, but you are always pushed to an extent.” Savolt said. You can watch them run next September 19, 2017 in Ulysses, and on October 12th, 2017 as we hold WAC here in Garden. Emily Ortiz is a Trade and Health Academy sophomore. You can contact her at

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