Divas Get Down in 2nd Annual Powder-Puff Game

Lindsey RichmeierSugar Beet Staff Reporter

 The second annual powder-puff football games kicked off homecoming last week on Monday. Powder-puff gives high school girls the opportunity to get together and compete against each other. Student Council set up the activity for high school students.

Health academy senior Beth Guymon said “I came up with the idea last year, because I noticed a bunch of other high schools did it and I knew our school was big into football so I jumped on the opportunity and hoped it would turn out good.”

How it works: a student interested in powderpuff had to pay two dollars and get a permission slip signed by their parents in order to participate. The girls were then divided by classes: seniors, juniors, sophomores, and freshman.

“This years turnout was way better as far as players go, as well as people watching. I enjoy the competition aspect of powderpuff. It’s a nice and friendly competition and an event to bring all classes together,” Guymon said.

The class of 2018, who as juniors last year, came up short to the seniors, but came back for revenge this year finishing on top.

“I played in the powderpuff games because it was fun last year. We make such a big deal about the Friday night football games that it is fun for us girls to play like the boys. Being able to play with your classmates makes things so much more fun. It is neat to see all the girls get down and dirty for a fierce game of flag football. Although there was no trophy, we do get bragging rights and celebrated with a cake,” health academy senior Megan Powers said.

 Each team was led by football boys who volunteered to coach their female classmates the game of football.

 Health academy senior Jasper Partin whom coached his class said “I wanted to coach powderpuff because last year we lost, and I’m really competitive so I wanted to return, except this year, finishing with a win. We tried to teach the girls a lot of the basics. I knew that once they started playing the games, they’d pick up a lot, and that’s what happened. Being able to represent my class and seeing a play turn into a touchdown was exciting for the coaches. Our team was definitely the most competitive and athletic team out there.”

 The powderpuff was a hit throughout the students and will most likely become a tradition at GCHS.

 Lindsey Richmeier is a health and trade academy senior. You can contact her at richmeierl@student.gckschools.com.

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