Garden City High School Announces New Boys’ Swim Team Coach

Garden City High School has announced that Brian Watkins will be the new head coach for the boys’ swim team for the 2017-18 season.  He was approved by the Board of Education at the October 9th meeting.


He was born, raised and graduated from high school in Curtis, Nebraska.  He obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Health and Human Performance from Fort Hays State University and following graduation was hired by Holcomb Recreation Commission.  While in Holcomb, he started the Blue Tide Swimming Club and has seen exceptional growth and success in the club throughout the past seven years.  Brian and his wife Emily have three children.


Watkins was hired this fall as a long-term substitute as a P.E. teacher at Bernadine Sitts Intermediate Center.  He will become a transition to teach teacher for the school district in the same position that he currently holds.


At the September 11th meeting the board approved the start of the boys’ swimming program at Garden City High School, effective this school year.  The team will begin competing in the 2017-18 winter sports season.

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