Bight start in the “Big City”

Josie Calzonetti – SugarBeetReporter

 Every year, Carnegie Hall invites hundreds of musically talented high school students from around the world, to preform and get the feel of preforming with people who are equally skilled and share the same love for music.

In order to get invited to preform at Carnegie hall, the student must send in an audition piece, which can include a instrumental or vocal piece.

“Colten has won a spot on the Carnegie Hall Honor band,” Head band director, Lyle Sobba said. “He was one of around 12,000 instrumental auditions to be granted a spot in the ensemble the program in total had over 18,000 auditions encompassing band, Orchestra, and choir.”

Among the 18,000 auditions, senior Colten May was chosen and invited to preform with the 400 others to preform in the band.

“In New York I will be playing at Carnegie Hall, and viewing a Broadway show for free,” Colten May, arts and communication academy senior, said. “The band only has an estimate of about six total of my instrument in the band.”

Garden City High School has also sent alumni Dakota Brunguardt and Baylee Almos, in past years.

“Colten’s audition consisted of prepared excerpts, one from the site and others were decided upon,” Sobba said. “With a talent such as Colten May, it’s less about coaching, and more about encouraging and shaping. Colten prepared his auditions on his own and then asked for a few moments of musical guidance.”

May will be leaving Kansas the 31st of January, and will spend the week in New York City with plenty of time to spend in Carnegie hall.

“The performance at Carnegie Hall is what I look forward to the most,” May said. “It truly marks the pinnacle of musical achievement, and some of the most world renown performers haven’t gotten the chance to preform at Carnegie Hall.”

Once May was chosen for the performance, he received musical pieces which he has to prac-tice and perform at Carnegie Hall.

“I am beyond excited for Colten. These opportunities don’t come around very often. Colten will be able to preform with the top-notch talent from around the world,” Sobba, said. “His acceptance into the ensemble is another way that we can continue to build the reputation of Gar-den City High School.”

The GCHS band and choir program has helped three young students make there way to this performance in New York City, for the passed three years.

“It’s an honor and the year long preparation that was very much worth it,” May said.

Josie Calzonetti is a arts and communication academy senior. Contact her at

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