Boys diving back into swim season

Emily Ortiz

Sugar Beet staff reporter

Winter sports are arriving quickly and many athletes are preparing for their sports. This year however is different, the Garden City High School just received a boys swim team.

“I’m really looking forward to this season” Daniel Darter, junior, said. “I’m really excited to see myself progress as a swimmer. We have many people on our team who are tall and lengthy and some have swam before, which gives us a little advantage. I think we will see a lot of success in our inaugural year.”

For many years this idea has been brought up and it was officially passed. Many people are excited to see the new team compete.

“I think this season will be good for our team.” Avey Arana, sophomore said. “I’m excited for it because it’s new and I think our team will be successful. We have lots of people going to the preseason workouts and some swimming on their own. A lot of swimmers are doing extra workouts to improve and get ready for this season.”

Some are skeptical about the Buffs new swim and others are excited to go out and watch them complete.

“I’m looking forward in the season” Javier Cervantes, senior, said. “I want to able to prove something to myself that I can accomplish anything I want as long as I put in the work and dedication. I’m basically looking forward towards team and self improvement. I think that this season will be interesting, reason is this is the first boys swim team at GCHS. I like to think that we will be successful. I think we all are having fun with it. Reason being that is new to the school. I know that I’m excited to learn more and have fun. I hope everyone else feels the same way.”

Emily is a trade and health student. You can contact her at


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