All ages impress at District Art Show

Allyson Becker 

Sugar Beet staff reporter

The Garden City High School art students presented their creative works in the 1st annual district K-12 art show on Nov. 14. The show gave students the opportunity to present a wide variety of medias including drawing, painting, graphic design, sculpture, mixed media and ceramics. Esmeralda Sepulveda, a senior in the red academy created a portrait of Alex Turner.

“I entered a day of the dead prisma colored drawing and an oil painting of Alex Turner,” Sepulveda said. “Being able to make simple fixes once as you understand the media helps. I enjoy the art show because it’s interesting to see the different styles and techniques.”

Elizabeth Unruh, a senior in the red academy believed the show was a success.

“The ESC Art Show was a hit this year. It was held first semester instead of second in order to have a longer show with more pieces,” Unruh said. “Looking at the artwork from K-12 students was amazing because it was easy to see how much talent they had. Though I’m a senior, I know next year the 8th graders coming in as 9th graders will continue the legacy of a thriving art program.”

Lisa Neeley, a teacher in the red academy was impressed by the talent displayed by soon-to-be high schoolers.

“I think it was wonderful having artwork from a wide range of levels and getting to see the artists who will be coming in from the middle schools,” Neeley said. “I was extremely impressed by many of the 8th graders paintings presented in the art show on Friday. It’s a great display and I encourage everyone to go and take a look at the different medias.”

The artwork is now on display Nov. 14 through Dec. 15 at the Educational Support Center, 1205 Fleming Street. The show will feature a wide variety of works from Kindergartners to Seniors. The Art Show display includes artwork from students across the district. The artwork can be viewed during regular business hours from 8 am- 5 PM. The community can vote for their favorite piece in the show at the Education Support Center until Dec. 15. The high school art teachers encourage families to go and tour the artwork while the display lasts.

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