Future Farmers of America take action

Olivia Hanigan 

Sugar Beet staff reporter 

The Future Farmers of America organization creates leadership potential and provides personal growth and job preparation for all it’s members through agricultural education. On Nov. 15, FFA members traveled to Dodge City and competed at the Southwest Kansas District CDE Contest. 

The highest placing team in the contest was the group entered in horticulture, which is the science and art of growing fruits and vegetables. 

“There was a test, a boutonniere making competition, which is basically a flower for men to wear on suits, and a plant identification contest, which was my favorite,” Karly Larsen, a trade and health academy sophomore and sentinel of FFA, said. 

The FFA team placed in multiple areas of the contest. 

“Our team did awesome at the last contest. We had 1st place in horticulture, with three of the four team members placing in the top ten,” Ms. Hensley, the FFA assistant advisor said. “Weld-ing also did awesome, with two of their team members placing in the top three.” 

Megan Cady placed 2nd in horticulture, Karly Larsen took 3rd in horticulture, and Abby Murrell took 9th. While horse judging didn’t place as a team, two people did place individually. Ellie Murrell took 2nd in the junior division, and Abby Murrell took 6th in the senior division. Berto Martinez took 2nd in welding and Thomas Turpin placed 3rd. 

Contestants and advisors had to prepare for the competition. For Karly Larson, this meant making flash cards and spending hours in the greenhouse. 

“The main ways we study for plant identification and the practicum skill, which in this case was making boutonnieres, is very hands on. We go out and look at, study, and memorize a lot of the plants we have at the school and practice making boutonnieres with supplies our advisors pro-vide,” Larsen said. 

The Future Farmers of America are excited about their upcoming competitions and are especially looking forward to Agriculture Communications, a contest they have never attended be-fore. 

“You basically have a team of four people and are given thirty minutes to make a commercial. I think it’ll be fun because it’s something we’ve never done before and will just be good experience for all of us.” Megan Cady, a trade and health academy sophomore and member of FFA, said. 

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