Saddler crowned Crystal Apple king

Sion Audrain

Sugar Beet Staff Reporter

The Crystal Apple program, through the Garden City Area Chamber of Commerce, honors outstanding teachers in Finney County. The top three finalists will be named as Crystal Apple Teachers and will receive an engraved crystal apple, $1,000 cash award, and an iPad tablet. The three runners-up each will be presented with a cash award of $250. The finalists of the crystal Apple award were Janet Hackett of Garden City High School, Sarah Harris of Victor Ornelas Elementary School, Julia Morales of Buffalo Jones Elementary School, Dru Saddler of GCHS, Sarah Shrimplin of Edith Scheuerman Elementary School, and Dixie Teeter of Victor Ornelas. Julia Morales, Dru Saddler and Sarah Shrimplin are the 2017 Crystal Apple winners. About 120 people, including family, friends and co-workers of the six Crystal Apple finalists, attended the ceremony and banquet on Thursday at the Clarion Inn, where the three winners received $1,000, certificates, crystal apples and iPads donated by Cox Communications.

Dru Saddler is an eleventh and twelfth grade teacher at Garden City High School. He has been teaching in Garden City for 11 years and was born in Colby, Kansas.

“I love being able to teach kids new concepts.” Saddler said.

“I am blessed to be able to work with these kids everyday and interact with them.” said Sadler

Janet Hackett was one of the six nominated for the crystal Apple .

“My mom was an educator and that is what kinda lead me to become a teacher. I’ve always been interested in science and I got a degree in turf science at Michigan State University and that lead me to teach anatomy.” said Hackett.

“Everyday is a new day for teaching and that is why I like it so much. Being able to connect and teach kids is why I do it.” Said Koch.

Julia Morales has been a Buffalo Jones for 10 years.

“I’m humbled to win this award and I couldn’t of done it on my own.” Said Morales. “I could not be where I am today if it wasn’t for my students and all of the teachers that helped me get here. My family also has had a huge role on my teaching career and I would like to thank them for being with me the whole way.”

The Crystal Apple awards program, through the Garden City Area Chamber of Commerce, recognizes outstanding teachers in Finney County each year.

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