Band Marches Alongside Mickey Mouse

Jordan Koerperich

Sugar Beet staff reporter

The Buffalo Stampede will be marching their way to Disney World this Memorial Day. Garden City’s best has been preparing for weeks to represent the high school in front of thousands of people and over 50 other schools. Everybody in the Buffalo Stampede is excited for this opportunity.

“I’m excited for the time I will get to spend with friends and the new friendships that will form. As well as all the memories that will be created from going on this trip,” Taylor Terpestra said.

The band will get to have some fun while staying at Disney World.

Daniel Castro said he is most excited about going on the dumbo ride in the magic kingdom. Castro might have quite a wait though because the bands total travel party is 145 people and the party will stay at Disney’s Pop Century Resort while on their stay in Florida.

Head band director Lyle Sobba said “Performing at a venue such as Disney World is a huge honor. Many groups perform with Disney and Disney does a great job organizing everything. For many programs, a performance of this magnitude is the peak of their hopes and dreams.” Sobba has arranged for the Buffalo Stampede to march to Kansas’s state song, Home on the Range, at the event. But one of the most important preparations for the trip was the purchasing of a new lead banner. This was possible by the fundraising of all the students involved. The Buffalo Stampede has made almost all their money selling chocolate bars around the school.

Jordan Koerperich is a health and trade student, you can contact him at

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