New Kids On the Block

Emily Ortiz

Sugar Beet staff reporter

Aquabuffs storm the lanes as they make their way to state. The swimmers reverently went to Wichita, Kansas this last Saturday (Jan. 27). They competed at Wichita Northwest. Javyn Con-teras, a junior in the yellow acedemy has been consistently beating personal records.

“My times have been getting faster and faster,” Contreras said. “I know that the practices have been helping because we work very hard. We recently have been working to perfect our tech-niques.”

The meet they went to was a larger meet and they had over 15 teams there. Many swimmers have reported it was a really tough meet because of the variety of teams and swimmers there. The Buffs still have a couple meets left until state. Many swimmers times are close to state times.

“We are hoping to keep cutting time off our strokes to qualify for state.” Jacob Partin, junior said. “We have worked very hard at practices and even harder at meets. I cut time off my backstroke which was really good for me.”

The Buffs are holding a swim meet here. Although, it will be a small meet only Liberal will attend.

“It will be good to have a home meet for us so people can come watch us swim.” Trey Arwine, sophomore said, “I think they will be on pressed with us because it’s our first year for the boys swim team. I’m excited to cut more time off my freestyle and hopefully cut time in my relay as well. We have worked hard and I believe everything we earn is well deserved.”

The Buffs have only a few more meets until they make their way to state. You can see them live in action this Thursday (February first) at the Garden City YMCA. The meet will start at 4 p.m..

Emily Ortiz is a trade and health student. You can contact Emily Ortiz at

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