Art showcase stuns crowd

Jordan Koerperich

Sugar Beet staff reporter

The annual art show always draws in a big crowd and this year was no exception. Everybody that went to parent teacher conferences over break, may have been wondering what was going on upstairs. Well it was the annual South West Kansas League Art show where students from all over Southwest Kansas could showcase their talents. Anything from finger painting to sculpting could have been submitted and judged by the two judges who attended. The show took place Feb. 23 through Feb. 24 and was put on by staff members and art teachers. Emily Baker, art teacher, was one of the many people helping to run the show.

“I feel the SWK League Art Show went very well,” Baker said. “It was really awesome to work the teachers and students from Great Bend and Liberal who came to GCHS to bring their work and help set everything up. Competing in art shows can build a students confidence in themselves and their abilities, it can help get them scholarships to colleges, build their portfolios, they can learn and see what other students are creating around the area, and it inspires students to try new mediums or content and keep pushing themselves.”

Hundreds of paintings, drawings and sculptures were submitted by the high schools art students with many acquiring awards. There were many students, families and teachers from Southwest Kansas who came to view the show. About 57 awards in total were given by the two judges and one of the most awarded students was Senior Javier Cervantes, who’s “day of the dead” sculpture won multiple awards.

“I feel our school does a really good job at letting us explore the different types of art we would like to try,” Cervantes said. “Our school, in general, is really giving us lots of options for art classes.”

Garden City High School has one of the most awarded art departments in Kansas where any student in an art class could have participated in the show.

Sophomore Patrick Smith is in his first year of art and attended the show.

“I think it is great that our school is allowing kid to have their work shown off and judged,” Smith said. “This is a very cool experience for the students and I hope they continue putting on this show each and every year.”

Jordan Koerperich is a health and trade student, you can contact him at

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