Buffaloes shine at state music contest

Cassidy Knoll

Sugar Beet staff reporter

Many different music students recently took their talents to state. Brandon Smith and Elena Lemke went to state piano, and were the only two students attending from GCHS.

Based off of a strict rubric, state competition is one of the things a student musician has the chance to most look forward to and plan for, and is one of the most exciting things they can accomplish. Playing music that they love is not only fun and enjoyable as a hobby, but it is also exciting to share what they’ve learned, their talents and hard work with the people around them. Not all musicians take their music to state, but those who do are proud of their accomplishment.

“At state I won a superior one rating, which is the highest score that can be given at state. As far as to how it went, I felt my performance was finally up to par with the composers demanding of musicality and technical standards.” Brandon Smith, arts and comm. senior, said. “The piece I played was Prelude in C# Minor by Sergei V. Rachmaninov. It is, to date, the most heartbreaking piece I have ever played and heard on the piano. I warmed up for a good 20 minutes before the performance, then I warmed up on the Steinway on stage, and then performed at around 1:30 p.m.”

Taking music to state takes a lot of preparation and countless hours of practice. Getting a superior one rating takes a lot and achieving that is an unforgettable accomplishment to not only the student, but to the people who helped them get there.

“Elena Lemke was the only other one I’m aware of that went from Garden City. I was not able to hear her performance, but I know that she did well,” Smith said. “In regards to what comes next, we don’t hold a nationals contest. So at this point I graduate knowing I got superior ratings at district and state for four consecutive years.”

Cassidy Knoll is an arts and communication sophomore.  Contact her at knollc@student.gckschools.com.

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