Horns up high

Emily Ortiz

Sugar Beet staff reporter

The Buffalo cheerleaders made some noise Saturday, Feb. 17, 2018 at the cheer competition. The competition was hosted at Garden City High School.

“We competed in the competition on Saturday at the high school and honestly I could not have been more pleased” Mariah Delarosa, junior, said. “Our team put together a really good routine in roughly a week and the way it turned out it looked great. I was really impressed and I think everyone worked really hard. I believe the score we got we earned fair.”

The Garden City Cheerleaders got a one. Scoring is based on a one to three scale, one being the best and three being the worst. According to the cheerleaders they all agreed that lots of hard work and determination played a big role in this performance.

“I think we did really well” Peyton Wessels, junior, said. “We had an ankle injury on the team and we were not really sure how that would play out. We hoped that we could get through our routine fine and hopefully impress the judges. We hit every start and we had a lot of fun. I’m excited to see with the team will be able to do next year because we are also close. Everyone has cheered previously so I think we are ready to push harder routines and work to improve ourselves.”

There were around 10 other teams at the competition. Smaller schools competed here along side the 6A schools.

Performances started at 10 a.m. on Saturday morning. Donna Tran, sophomore, said “other schools came in including middle schools. Our varsity team did really well and got a one. We performed well and that was our best performance out of all of the times we practiced it. I think we were all very nervous, did our best and the outcome could not have been better.”

There where are lots of schools and other towns that attended this and also received good scores. The cheerleaders are looking forward to learning new stunts and routines for future competitions and to use at football games and basketball games. These skills will also help the team when they attend camps this summer.

Emily ortiz is a trade and health student. You can contact her at ortize2@student.gckschools.com.

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