The key to the cheese

Olivia Hanigan

Personal Column

Many young people today no longer know how to cook. This is a skill that is necessary to survive on your own without spending large amounts of money on takeout and fast food. I have recently been taught to make the greatest grilled ham and cheese sandwich ever. After eating this sandwich, I decided that I needed to share the steps to making it because it was the greatest sandwich I had ever eaten and is a simple dinner that everyone should know how to make.

1. Butter the bread using softened butter, then add about four shakes of salt and pepper.

2. Drop the bread into a pan on the stove with the butter, salt and pepper facing down and add a piece of cheese. Then add the ham and another piece of cheese on top of it. This order is crucial and if messed up, can jeopardize the quality of the entire sandwich.

3. Butter the other piece of bread and add four shakes of salt and pepper again. Add this bread on top of the cheese with the butter, salt and pepper all facing up.

4. To check if the bread is fully cooked, lift up a side of the bread and check to see if the amount of brown is right for you (I usually do this with a spoon).

5. When the first side is done, use a spatula to flip the grilled ham and cheese so the other side can begin cooking. Be careful not to let the bread shift. The second side cooks much faster than the first, so be sure to keep a close eye on it and check it often by repeating step four.

6. When the second side is done cooking, take the grilled cheese off the pan and let it cool.

7. Sometimes the bread is done cooking before the ingredients in the middle have a chance to melt. If this is the case, just put the grilled cheese in the microwave for about fifteen seconds or until the cheese is melted.

8. Cut the sandwich either diagonally or horizontally through the middle.

Congratulations! You now know how to make the perfect grilled ham and cheese sandwich and are one step closer to becoming an adult. Make sure not to burn your tongue while eating your delicious, picturesque sandwich.

Olivia Hanigan is a trade and health academy sophomore. You can contact her at

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