Students Exchange Their Home For SWK

Emily Ortiz

Sugar Beet staff reporter

This year, the Garden City High School gained six new unfamiliar faces that are a little different. Six new students began the school year coming from different countries.

student, who came from Spain, has had a different experience living in Garden City, Kansas.

“Kansas is a very different environment for me,” Lucas Torres Ruiz, junior, said “I come from an island, which is a lot different here than it is there. It doesn’t get much moisture here either.

Something I enjoy about this town is how quiet and small it is.”

Moving to a new country and adjusting is not easy and takes some getting used to. Students have came from different parts of Thailand, Italy, and Spain.

“I like the warmness of Garden City” Ruiz said “but there’s not much to do here. We had many activities to do in my old town and the beach was never too far away. I think what’s most shocking about America is how popular drive-through places are and how everyone likes to eat in their cars. We would never have a meal in a car where I come from.”

Many things Americans think are normal is big change for lots of people from different countries. Fast food restaurants, activities we do for fun, and even to how we talk is completely different to people from other places on the world.

“Where I am from in Italy, kids don’t get jobs before they turn 18, even when we do turn that age lots of us don’t get jobs.” Chiara Catapano, junior, said. “I learned to be very independent. I came here alone and had learn to be outgoing to male new friends. I also enjoy that you can start driving at 14. In Italy we can’t.”

Italy’s schooling system is different as well.

“The high school is different.” Catapano said “In Italy every city has many high schools and you go to a school that have specific subjects you want to study. We also don’t change classes every hour, so that’s a little different for me.”

Lots of things that’s are normal to Americans is a very different custom to some foreign people that move or visit our country.

Emily ortiz is a trade and health student. You can contact her at

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