Soccer Kicks Off

Kaety Kohlhorst

Sugar Beet Staff Reporter

Garden City High Schools own, Lady Buffs, competed in the Goddard soccer tournament, on the weekend of March 28. Finishing in third place, the buffs played well.

Nateara Beasley is a varsity left wing for the Lady buffs. Beasley was chosen as player of the game against Rose Hill on the 29.

“We played pretty good as a team. We communicated very well and got the ball moving around the field,” Beasley said. “I played okay individually, I think I could have done better. My favorite part of the tournament was playing against Rose Hill for third place and winning three to zero, that was exciting.”

Haily Enriquez is a varsity player and plays as a defensive middle on the field.

“I was happy with how we played against Rose Hill as our final game at the tournament. Makaylee Longoria, Elyssa Salazar and I each scored a point for the team,” Enriquez said.

Lady Buffs next game will be Thursday the fifth in Great Bend, followed by a home game on the sixth.

Kaety Kohlhorst is a health academy sophomore. You can contact her at

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