Perfect Attendees up for a perfect prize

Kaety Kohlhorst

Sugar Beet Staff Reporter

May 24 marks the day you will possibly win a free, 2017 truck. A scam someone may think. Too good to be true. That is, if you have had a nine week quarter free of absences, how easy is that? Too easy.

Garden City High School and Legacy Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram have worked together to establish a 2017 Dodge Ram give-away to any student at GCHS with one quarter of perfect attendance.

Steve Nordby, along with Legacy, together decided the requirement to win the truck.

“Legacy Motors came to us in August and told us they had a great opportunity for us. They, along with other businesses in town, worked together to be able to give a truck away to one of our students. Legacy wanted it to be based off of something positive. We, together came around to either grades or perfect attendance. We decided on attendance,” Nordby said.

After first semester ended, around 400 kids were still in the drawing. The amount of kids still in the running today has not been counted.

Saleen Wears, health academy sophomore, is currently in the drawing

“My name is once because I have only been absent free for one semester. I think the car giveaway is a great way to encourage students to be at school more often and to keep kids excited about such a great opportunity.” Wears said. “I’m excited to see who wins.”

Jimmy Sims, health academy sophomore, is not in the drawing due to absences.

“I think the give away is really nice of the car dealership, however I don’t agree with the attendance part. Why should someone give a car to someone doing what they are required to do anyway?” Sims said. “I think it would have been better to base the requirements off of something like grades or exceeding beyond student requirements.”

After each quarter, someone’s name may be entered into the drawing once more if you have had perfect attendance. Sports and other school activities are excused in this contest and will not effect someone’s ability to be in the contest.

“We want to provide a positive, incentive way to be in school, to be in class, to be here as much as possible so that students may get the most out of their time when they are here,” Nordby said.

Kaety Kohlhorst is a health academy sophomore you can contact her at

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