Last Sugar Beet issue printed in Garden City

Kayla Nguyen

Sugar beet staff reporter

Over the years the Garden City Telegram has given numerous copies of newspaper. The bundle of pages wrapped in one too many rubber bands, and the fresh smell of ink. The telegram has supplied the community with what’s going on. But, the beloved newspaper will be shutting down printing in Garden City and move to Hutchinson, starting with the Sunday 2 edition will be printed from Hutchinson. It has become a long-standing tradition that the Garden City Paper be printed in it’s home town, but that’s coming to an end. Not only has this affected the Telegram, but has effected the Garden City High School Sugar Beet as well. The Sugar Beet has used the telegram as a source to print it’s newspaper for decades.

“It’s kinda breaking the tradition of the Sugar Beet being printed in Garden City during the course of 108 years”, said Sugar Beet advisor, Brian Nelson.

The Telegram is now printing in Hutchinson because the newsprint tariffs and trade wars, causing the news print tariffs to raise prices up to 30 percent higher than normal, causing many newspaper businesses to join in printing at one place.

Dena Sattler, Publisher of Garden City Telegram, said, “This was a business decision to basically utilize our resources in Hutchinson, they have newer equipment and it’s just a way to consolidate services.”

Sattler has made sure the publishing of the Telegram is a well-oiled machine, and keeps these expectations for the change to Hutchinson. She’s said there has been a couple of occasions that the Telegram has printed in Hutchinson before and knows that this will work out in a positive way. Due to the newer printing equipment over there, it’ll sort of be an upgrade in color and quality.

This year the Sugar Beet will be publishing their newspaper every other week instead of weekly. Also, the paper will be eight pages instead of the six pages as printed last year.

“I think everyone will have to adjust a little bit having to have work night earlier in the week and be ready sooner. But other than that it shouldn’t be too big of a deal.”, said Chloe Hanigan, health senior, said.

The move to Hutchinson shouldn’t effect the Sugar Beet or Garden City Telegram too much. It should be unnoticeable to readers.

Kayla Nguyen is a health sophomore. Contact her at

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