Students help spread positivity in school

Oliver Nguyen

Sugar Beet staff reporter

Over the last few years, more students are feeling alone and depressed. Some feel as though they have no one to talk to and this leads to many becoming depressed and dissociated. One of the students at Garden City High School noticed this problem and decided to make a change. Eresay Alcantar, arts and communication senior, decided to address this issue at her Peak Performance Leadership meeting while discussing ways to reach out to students. Alcantar pitched the idea of “holding posters with words of encouragement to students as they enter the loop.” Everyone at her meeting liked this idea and with the help of Adel Parr, Margaret Obholz, Troy Unruh, Peak Performance, KISS and StuCo, she was able to turn her idea into reality.

The groups participating in this event were also aware that it is Suicide Prevention Month. This event is meant to let students know that they are appreciated. By showing this, the group hopes to show that they have someone who cares for them.

“We want to let the students know that they are not alone and they don’t have to resort to suicide or unhealthy behaviors to cope with pain,” Alcantar said.

Many members of the group hope that this event will change the mindset of many students and the school as a whole. One of the members, Daniel Darter, trade and health senior, said the project is “about changing the culture of our school and community to promote a positive lifestyle.”

Along with helping students deal with hard times, members also hope that all students will better their lives through improving themselves and helping others. Mattie Silva, athletic trainer, hopes that by showing positivity and responsibility, it will “help students develop integrity, a great work ethic and a strong sense of character to carry with them throughout life.”

Janet Hackett, success coach, said “The group plans to establish a mural downtown and create several opportunities for students to attend activities that encourage maintaining a drug and alcohol-free lifestyle.”

Peak Performance also hopes that by establishing a positive atmosphere, athletes will be encouraged to make better decisions for their health, become leaders and take the responsibility to be role models for others. Students and members held positive posters to students arriving at school on Friday morning on September 7.

Oliver Nguyen is a trade and health academy junior. You can contact him at

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