New mascots bring Buffalo thunder

Mckenna Jagels

Sugar Beet Staff Reporter

High school mascots have been a big contributor to school spirit for as long as most people can remember, especially when it comes to Friday night football games. Students dress up, basically like big stuffed animals, and dance, cheer and clap, assuming the crowd will join in.

Aug. 30 and 31 marked Garden City High School’s first known mascot tryouts in recent history. In past years the mascot costume has been filled with volunteers, but this year there were six applicants and five students who auditioned for the role, some extra volunteers were added to the group during the first home game.

“We were looking for someone with an outstanding personality,” Sandra Naeve, intro. to high school art teacher, said, “someone who could get the crowd fired up even when we were down.”

The students were asked to be themselves and show the judges what they could do. Situations were used to show how they would react when the team was down or if nobody was cheering. The mascot’s main job is to fire up the crowd and keep them fired up. A team of mascots were chosen to fill the three uniforms and represent GCHS this year. Several students take turns wearing the Buffalo in case someone gets hot or tired.

“I think our group will be able to get everybody going, even if we’re losing,” Naeve said. The head Buffalo this year was already a crowd starter, all she needed was the title.

“I thought since I’m always getting everyone fired up at the game I might as well do it in a suit,” the Buffalo said. Although the job seems fun it’s not always as easy as it looks. Many students may want to try on the suit, but there’s a good chance after a while they would decide enough was enough, but not this group.

“It’s harder than it looks. I think it’s because you can barely see and you feel uncomfortable the whole time, but it’s all for school spirit,” the Buffalo said.Tryouts this year may not have had a huge turnout, but it was more than expected and they were a great bunch of spirited students. Even though mascot tryouts haven’t taken place before, they seemed to be a great success.

“I hope to see StuCo continue with tryouts, it’s a great way to reach out to everyone and engage the students in a new fun way,” Caitlyn Harman, public service senior said.

McKenna Jagels is a health sophomore. Contact her at

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