GCHS vamps up curriculum options

Caedyn Gomez

Sugar Beet Staff Reporter

Coming into the 2018-2019 school year several new classes are offered to Garden City High School. Daniel Darter and his peers are the first to take the new Spanish four for non-native speakers class. Spanish 4 is taught by Triann Perez, public service academy teacher, and is a class for Spanish language and culture, student-lead class. 

“Some of my responsibilities are to come up with ideas for projects and participate in the class. I like that it’s more about communication than conjugating verbs. I think it’ll help me speak better and understand more in general,” Daniel Darter, Trade and Health Academy senior said. 

Some other classes that were brought in this school year include Spanish for non-native speakers, calculus, peer leadership, and project management resource. Fire fighter one and two are classes that show students what being a firefighter might be like and the qualifications the profession requires to become one. The class is taken at Garden City Community College. Students were not interested in the class this year and no students were enrolled. Project management was not implemented this year but next year its expected to be added to the schedule. Project management is a class that would help students focus on the skills required to handle large projects. Students will complete various projects of interest by chunking the project into smaller pieces. This class can only be taken by juniors and seniors. Students will complete projects individually and as a team.  Peer leadership is taught by Paul Lapin, trade and health academy teacher. 

“We help count money from the rice crispy sales and help the kids make and wrap the rice krispies. I like being able to interact with the kids every day,” Jarrod Springston, trade academy senior. 

Calculus is a college level math class that is taught by Biju Kalarikkal, trade and health academy teacher,  Calculus is a class any student can take. 

“There were other classes that just didn’t make the cut this year and hope to be added on the schedule this year,” Jennifer Meng, freshmen academy councilor, said.

The last class that was implemented this school year was a zero hour chemistry class taught by Scott Glass. This class was added to the schedule to allow students to take a chemistry class for a science credit without changing their schedules in order to fit the science class in. Now students have the option to be the first to join these new classes and let the future students know how they feel about them. 

Caedyn Gomez is a public service sophomore. You can contact him at gomezc2@student.gckschools.com

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