Soccer wins big at Goddard

Hannah Kipp 

Sugar Beet staff reporter 

The boys’ soccer team has started out their season with multiple wins this season. The boys’ team had their first win of the season against Hays on Aug. 28 with a 1-0 final game score along with a junior varsity win against Hays with a 5-0 game score. The Valley Center junior varsity tournament was Sept. 1 and the junior varsity team went 1-1. Their first game of the tournament was against Andover High School. The boys ended the game with a tied score of 0-0 and proceeded to go straight into penalty kicks and ended up losing with a score of 3-5. The junior varsity’s second game in the tournament was 10-0 win against McPherson High School.

Jennifer Herdman, boys soccer assistant coach, said “We have a few returners and a lot of newcomers this season that are bringing a lot of skill to the table, and I can see the boys doing really well this season”.

The varsity team has an overall record of 4-0 so far this season. The Goddard varsity tournament was a several day tournament. The first game of the tournament was a win against Buhler High School with a final game score of 1-0 on Sept. 4. The second round of the tournament was a win against Goddard High School with a 6-0 final game score on Sept. 6. The varsity team took first in the tournament in the final round against Goddard Eisenhower High School with a final score of 3-2 on Sept. 8.

Josue Negron, varsity boys soccer head assistant coach, said “We’ve been playing really well so far this season, but there is still quite a bit of things we can improve on this season that will make us that much better,” he said that “I’m happy with our progress so far, but we need to continue just taking it game by game and focus on continuing to improve”.

The team is about the same size as it was last season with about 46 players.

Jesus Garcia, public service academy junior, said “I think that the rest of the season will go pretty well if we keep playing and talk as a team. We have a lot of talent but we need to find the chemistry as a team so we can do better the rest of the season”.

The boys will have their first home game against Hays TMP on Sept. 11.

Hannah Kipp is a arts and communications sophomore. You can contact her at 

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