Falling into Fall Festival

Ryan Wessels

Sugar Beet Staff Reporter

On the warm Saturday morning of Sept. 15, the annual Garden City Fall Festival commenced. Main Street was cut off from drivers, leaving a large area for the festivities. Residents from all over town gathered on Main Street to enjoy an array of vendors and attractions. Food trucks and stands lined the streets, dispersing an aroma of good food. Music played from street corners and performances displayed in the center of it all. In Stevens Park a large array of cars of all shapes and sizes were displayed to those who passed by. Different attractions such as the annual duck races also helped form an atmosphere filled with feelings of fun and community.

Among the many attractions and stands that were set up in the street, several representatives for the high schools clubs and organizations could be found. The drum-line performed as they do every year, playing several cadences, including one entitled “gravy train”, which had been on a hiatus for two years prior.

“It’s been played, but we didn’t play it last year, or the year before that… but we brought it back this year and we’re actually really good at playing it,” Daniel Castro, public service academy junior and snare for the drum-line said.

The GCHS dance team also gave a performance, as did the show choir. However, they were not the only dance team or show choir to perform that day. Multiple other elementary schools had younger performers sing and dance in front of the crowd.  Several other school activities were also at the fall festival, among stands to help fundraise their programs. The cheerleading team was selling concessions and face painting, along with selling raffle tickets for a chance to win an Apple Watch. Art club and FCCLA were also face painting and drawing henna for donations.

“I really liked just coming to paint people’s faces and doing the art things,” Paige Gigot, trade academy sophomore and art club president said.

The track team had a setup at the beginning of the festivities where the pole vaulters would complete a jump for every time someone donated toward the team. Large amounts of people donated that morning.

“They just keep on coming,” said Alex De Paz, trade academy sophomore, “And sometimes you wish they would stop [giving donations]… because your tired and you’re like, ‘I don’t know if I can.’”

Ryan Wessels is a trade and health sophomore. You can contact him at wesselsr@student.gckschools.com. 

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