Volleyball stomps past competition

Brody Hoff 

Sugar Beet staff reporter 

Girl’s volleyball stampeded past competition on Sept 15 they went 3-3 and achieved fourth place at the tournament in Maize. It’s no secret that the volleyball girls are close to one another and the coaches believe that may be part of the reason they are so successful.

“The girls are all off-court friends with each other and they will often spend time with each other outside of school and they have a good, strong and trusting relationship”, said Trista Bailey, a volleyball coach, said.

Teamwork is a core aspect of this team and although they work together well the coaches push teamwork during every practice. Right at the beginning of practice they bring all three teams together. After that they will separate into individual teams and go through rotations. The whole team will then come back together and talk over their performance.

“I really think that our team is coming together and we are really working together as a team but we definitely have room to improve” Reagan Karlin a trade and health junior said.

Bailey believes that the bond that her players have make them really strong and help them avoid problems that some other teams have.

Bailey said that “The Maize tournament was a good early competition and we definitely had our good times and bad times, we need to work on our offense a little, but our communication was very good, we also had a solid serve and pass and we were solid all around.”

Players have also learned to support each other which can help build their chemistry together with one another.

“We work really well together and whenever one of us gets down the rest of the team will really be there for us” Remi Vargas a trade and health junior said.

The team is not always a well oiled machine. They have had differences in the past.

“Any time we have a problem we come together and communicate what’s going on and that really helps us get past and avoid these problems that can bring down other teams”, Vargas said.

All in all working together as a team is one of the biggest focuses of our volleyball team. Communication will not be going out of style any time soon when it comes to girls volleyball.

Brody Hoff is a trade and health sophomore. You can contact him at hoffb@student.gckschools.com.

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