Tennis serves up at home tourney

Kayla Nguyen

Sugar Beet staff reporter

Returning from their team first place finish in Dodge City, the girls’ Buffs tennis team were excited to take on their next meet. The tennis team had a busy week, packed with back-to-back meets. Starting with Haysville-Campus on Sept. 17, Great Bend on Sept. 19 (rescheduled Sept. 8 due to rain), and hosted a home meet on Sept. 22. The majority of the tennis teams’ schedule fill up the September calendar. They had six consecutive meets within a two week span. As for junior varsity they traveled to Scott City on Sept. 17, and Liberal on Sept. 18.

There’s a lot of age diversity on the team this year, varying different grades and experiences. For seniors Taryn Tabor and Eresay Alcantar. This season will be a memorable year for them, being their last.

“A little sad,” Tabor said about this season being her last, “It’s my senior year, but I’m going to make every second count and do my best.”

So far Tabor has racked up an individual second place finish at the Dodge City meet, first at the Haysville-Campus meet, third at the rescheduled Great Bend meet and first at the Garden City meet. Tabor plays number one singles, and is a veteran varsity player. She hopes to win the Western Athletic Conference (WAC) and punch a ticket to state this year.

“I’m excited, I started playing tennis my sophomore year and through the years I’ve been able to gain more experience, even though I have many improvements to make. This is my first year on varsity, so it’s nice to go against other girls and play competitively,” Alcantar said.

Even though Alcantar is new to playing varsity she’s proven her abilities this season so far. Placing fourth individually at Dodge City, going 2-2 at Haysville-Campus, and taking first at Great Bend going 4-1.

However, for the junior varsity team, they have been racking up first place medals as a team as well. They’ve captured a team first place at home on Sept. 10, and in Liberal on Sept. 18. The junior varsity team are almost wrapping up their season, left with two meets at Meade on Sept. 25 and in Colby on Sept. 29.

“The season has went by pretty quick so far because we’ve been having one to two meets per week I feel like we are getting a lot of experience,” Abigail Jarmer, junior, said.

Jarmer hopes to grow as a doubles team and get a lot of wins.

Kayla Nguyen is a trade and health sophomore. You can contact her at

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