Next librarian in the books

Jayleen Torres

Sugar Beet staff reporter

A new libraian has greeted  students in the library this school year. Jodi Malick graduated college with a masters in library media science from Pittsburgh State University. Malick was an undergrad at the Northern University Of Colorado. She moved to Garden City from the mile high city, Denver Colorado. This is her 13th  year of education, she taught nine years of history and also taught for 12 years in Liberal, Kan.

“This Library isn’t just for reading.” Malick said “I feel like I have to model by reading, but what’s the whole point if I can’t expect someone to do something they aren’t willing to do it?” Malick always make this library a welcoming one. Her three top favorite books are Strange And Beautiful Sorrows Of Ava Lavender, Harry Potter (all novels)  and The Green Mile.

Malick has a book club where students meet up everyday Monday through Thursdays during lunch in the cafeteria. Students start off by choosing a book that they think they might like to read and then after they are done reading the book they go over each other’s books as a group and discuss why they picked it, what they liked about it and If it meant something to them. Malick has different contests here and there, one of the contests she has had was a book mark coloring contest where students were given a certain book mark that they had to color nicely in order to be in the contest. She will be hosting an event in February for students which is called “blind date a book,” where basically Malick will wrap tons of Romance books together where students will essentially be dating a book before they see the cover of it. In April she decided to have students play a game that’s called “Guess how many pages there are in a book.” She picks a not familiar book for students to guess how many pages there are in it. There is also a staff book club where teachers get to pick four professional development books that they like and enjoy reading. Malick also hosts an event where students check out at least two award winning books that they have to read and when they are done reading it she has them pick between those two books they have read and see which one is there favorite. If you have any questions or would like to see more events students may followe her on Twitter @Heyyojo4, she also posts new books on there.

 Jayleen is a health and trade academy sophomore. You may contact her at

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