Robotics club takes on new theme

Caedyn Gomez

Sugar Beet Staff Reporter

With the first month of school coming to an end, the robotics team is heading off to their first competition in a couple weeks. They will be working for the next six weeks to build and compete October, 20. The competition will be held in Wichita, 31 teams including Garden City High School are registered. Robotics is a class about students being tasked to build a robotic in a certain amount of time. They have to build it about a certain theme and if the students don’t follow that theme they won’t get points and they’ll have to get rid of it.

“This year’s theme is current events where we will be tasked to build a design for cleaning ocean gyres and assessing effects on local wildlife” Scott Glass Arts and communication science teacher said. 

The robotics team meets Tuesdays and Fridays after school until competition week. “I like being part of robotics it’s for sure something different and makes school fun! The teacher is awesome, he helps with whatever you need and will guide you through your struggles. 

“There isn’t many people in robotics and I feel like not a lot of people know about it and people for sure do need to know it. Yes this is my first year and I like it a lot. There are kids that travel for competitions but I don’t because those kids are like mini geniuses, probs to those guys for making it look so easy” Trey Medina trade and health academy sophomore said. 

Right now the robotics team is working on a system to pick up waste in the ocean. 

“We will work on building and figuring out things like how something works or can work better. And he makes us explain how everything works, everything is mostly student work” Jacob Partin trade and health academy senior said.

Robotics is a class where students can really use their brains to figure out what they need to do. The class can teach you some life skills, hands on activities, and time management. The class will teach students a lot about technology and how it all works. There is one class period during the day and one after school. The class period during the day is during fifth hour. There’s a total of about 13 students in the fifth hour class. 

 Caedyn Gomez is a Public Service sophomore. You can contact him at

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