Sage House Soaps

Mckenna Jagles

Sugar Beet Staff Reporter 

 Garden City is known for its smell of “money,” according to locals, but now that Main Street is home to SageHouse Soaps, there’s a slight chance the pungent odor may be eliminated. Even though elimination is highly unlikely, at least inside the store is full of wonderful smells such as lavender, honey and vanilla.

Downtown Garden City has been dwindling for years. Storefronts are closing and stores that have been on Main Street for years are starting to shut their doors, but Jessica Gallardo decided it was the perfect time and downtown was the perfect place to open her new shop this summer.

“Summer is usually slow for everybody,” Gallardo, owner, said, “so hopefully now getting into holiday season it will pick up.”

Gallardo’s journey all started with the accidental viewing of a soap making video on YouTube. She makes all her soaps from scratch using everyday items such as essential oils and all-natural butters.

Many customers are impressed.

“I bought a few of their soaps and they smell very good and are actually better than lots of soaps I’ve bought that are mass produced,” Kyler Bennett, arts and comm. Sophomore, said.

The original inspiration behind the continuation of Gallardo’s soap creations was her reaction to store bought products.

“I’ve always had issues consoling soaps and body stuff that didn’t break me out, so why not just make my own?” Gallardo said.

SageHouse Soaps will make it easier for locals to find lotions and other products without traveling an hour minimum to the nearest Bath & Body Works.

“Even though I’ve never been there I definitely like the idea of buying all-natural products without having to travel,” Paige Gigot, trade sophomore, said.

The store will be a great addition to the community and downtown area with variations of products to choose from including lotion, bath bombs and Himalayan salt lamps. SageHouse Soaps is open Tuesday through Saturday from 10 a.m. to six p.m.

McKenna Jagels is a health academy sophomore, you can contact her at

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