Students parade their way into homecoming week

Oliver Nguyen

Sugar Beet Staff Reporter

As the new schools year settles in, many students are finding themselves already busy with schoolwork and test. All of this work can lead to stress, so that’s why every year students have the chance to enjoy themselves and unwind at the fall homecoming dance. The dance is held annually and is a chance for many students to have a memorable night and be free.

Elizabeth Alfeo, StuCo and social issues teacher, said “It will be a chance to just let loose, dance, and be with your friends.”

Along with the dance, many students are looking forward to the music. Many of the students want to have a DJ for the dance with the music ranging from rap, country and even oldies. Some students are even advocating for a student DJ which would let the music be more relatable to the students. Tyler Morren is one of the students being volunteered to DJ the dance. He has even started creating a playlist with songs suggested by students and also his favorite music.

Peyton Wessels, trade and health senior, said “I think Tyler’s playlist for the dance is going to be fantastic and is going to relate well to the students.”

While many students plan to show up to the dance, there are still many that are debating on whether or not to go. Many of the students just want to see others having fun and just release all their stress in a healthy way. The dance is an opportunity for many students to enjoy their night with friends and have an ever lasting memory. Students who were usually don’t go to school events should give the dance a try because it is a great way to spend time with friends.

Carson Tanner, trade and health junior, said “I want to see more people having fun and enjoying themselves while dancing and listening to music.”

The dance is an event planned by StuCo and is part of homecoming week, which includes spirit week, the homecoming parade, pep assemblies, and announcing the homecoming royalty. These events were planned before the school year, and the members of StuCo are making sure that homecoming week is something that all students can enjoy.

“I am so proud of how hard StuCo has been working to get everything ready.” said Alfeo.

The fall homecoming dance will be held September 28, Friday after the football game.

Oliver Nguyen is a trade and health academy junior. You can contact him at

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