Coach Ford all-time player

Kiana Hankins

Sugar Beet staff reporter

John Ford’s booming voice has been echoing through the memories of students for decades, as they remember back to pep assemblies and football games. For the past 37 years, Coach Ford has coached cross country, softball, baseball, basketball, football and wrestling, announced at football and soccer games and pep assemblies, as well as teaching a range of courses.

Ford was born on March 11, 1959. He graduated from Colorado State University in 1989, and has taught at Garden City High School ever since.

“I am surrounded by a lot of great teachers and I’m happy to be teaching here,” Ford said.

Ford’s classroom is considered to be a fun and relaxing environment, and he is well known for being full of energy.

“He just always made it a great day, he was always so enthusiastic,” Jasmin Flores, health academy sophomore, said.

His vibrant personality and kindness help add to what makes him a great teacher.

“He always remembers who you are, even if you aren’t in his class anymore,” Karime Loya-Enriquez, arts and communications junior, said.

Ford’s grading process is also a little bit different. Instead of having strict deadlines, he gives his students the entire semester to turn in their work. This is beneficial in that students have one less class that they’re stressing about getting their work done for and can focus on other assignments.

“Personally this was beneficial because while I still get things done, I may take a long time to do it. With this way of grading, I’m not losing sleep trying to finish homework,” Flores said.

In a generation where many students feel as if they’re just memorizing to pass tests, Ford makes his class the exception.

“You can learn a lot from him and not just about health, but valuable things,” Flores said

When someone walks into Ford’s room, be prepared to laugh, learn, and leave happier than before.

“No one can replace Ford, that’s all I got to say, he’s irreplaceable,” Flores said.

Coach Ford is always there to brighten someone’s day, to be a friend and to be a mentor. He is a key part of GCHS, and he won’t be leaving anytime time soon.

“My favorite part of teaching is the kids. That’s why I am not planning on retiring any time soon. I love GCHS, the kids, the staff, the administration and the community. In my mind it doesn’t get any better than GCHS. Just a great place to work and raise kids.” Ford said.

Kiana Hankins is an arts and communications sophomore. You can reach her at

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