Get well at Gravity

Kyle Doll

Sugar Beet staff reporter

Floating in 1200 pounds of salt water in now possible in Garden City. Gravity Wellness opened in the old Golden Dragon and is providing massage therapy to the residents of Garden City.

“I’m very passionate about helping people heal and be well, so I started with skin rejuvenation and then I moved into massages and float theory,” Kristi Schmitt, the owner of Gravity wellness, said. “I’ve been open for over nine months in Garden City and we are called a medical spa and a day spa. We treat the skin like a dermatologist.”

One of Gravity’s services is they have a pool with 1200 pounds of salt water and the costumers can float on the water without fighting gravity. The water is also kept at 93.5 degrees Fahrenheit, which is the natural degree of your skin causing the customer to lose track of what’s your body and what’s your skin.

“I thought it was very relaxing and a great tool for athletes to use when they’re trying to recover from weeks of hard practices,” Taylor Savolt, trade and health senior, said.

Gravity also provides massages to their customers. These massages have many benefits and they also help relax the body.

“My favorite part of Gravity Wellness was the massages. They have many different types of massages, but my personal favorite is the stress relief massage,” Megan Allen, trade and health junior, said.

Gravity Wellness is open from one to five on Monday, nine to five on Tuesday, ten to six on Wednesday, nine to seven on Thursday, nine to seven on Friday,and nine to five on Saturday and their address is 1106 Campus Drive Garden City, Kan 67846.

Kyle Doll is a trade and health academy junior. You may contact him at

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