Finney County Humane Society brings barks to the park

Tyler Morren

Sugar Beet staff reporter

BarktoberFest – the only holiday worth celebrating in the month of October. The Finney County Humane Society puts on an annual event, which now takes place in the heart of Garden City, just off Main Street at Stevens’ Park. This event is the largest fundraiser of the year for the Finney County Humane Society (FCHS). It features K9 demonstrations put on by the Garden City Police Department, costume contests, behavioral demonstrations, pumpkin paintings and dog races.

“This is our second time holding this event here in Stevens’ Park and it is great exposure for the Humane Society. We offer several opportunities for pet owners alike to come join us down here and get their dogs or cats taken care of,” Danna Jones, a worker from the Humane Society said.

“Unlike when the city of Garden City put on this event, we from the Finney County Humane Society provide medical attention to any animals in need of it. We are vaccinating, clipping, and seeking all medical needs of the pets and pet owners,” Jones said.

Vendors and booths from businesses all over Garden City set up canopies and stations to promote their business with volunteers accompanying them. Businesses would either pay to be recognized at the event or donate a basket, gift, or other item to the auction.

“I found out about this event on Facebook. My broker paid for a position in the park to set up shop and I am here as a volunteer to talk to people about MBA Real Estate,” Sonia Erives said.

“I like to participate in all the public events in Garden City and this is good way to spread the word and get awareness for our company,” Erives said.

What stole the show was the abundant amount of good pups. From Chihuahuas to Boxers to Pugs to Saint Bernards, all breeds were well represented at the event.

“This is my first time coming to this event and I saw the invitation online on Facebook. I think the Finney County Humane Society put on a very nice event and it’s even more nice that the

weather worked out for them. My dog loves interacting with the other dogs as well,” Lexie Volk, a pet owner and event goer, said. BarktoberFest commemorates a cherished gathering of furry creatures in a loving and caring environment. BarktoberFest influences pet owners to come out as community involvement and support the Humane Society, as it is their largest fundraiser of the year. October is the time when the leaves change color and fall to the ground, and the best way to celebrate is breaking out the leashes, hooking up the pets and taking them for a pleasant walk in the park.

For those who are interested in adopting a dog or cat, they can get more information from the Finney County Humane Society Facebook page. Contact FCHS at (620) 277-3725 or the shelter is located at 124 Fleming with operation hours of 12-6pm Tuesday through Saturday, and now open Sundays from 3-5pm for Reclaims only.

Tyler Morren is a health and trade academy senior. You can contact him at

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