Students spend Night at the Lab

Brayden Southern

Sugar Beet staff reporter

Instead of a night out, a group of students took part in a night at the lab. An event hosted by Garden City High School last Wednesday night, October 17. Students that participated were given topics at random by Mrs. Jane Schneider and given a week to prepare a presentation that would be judged at this regional level of the competition. Several schools from all around Garden City were invited to take part in the extra curricular activity, including Cimarron, Hugoton and Scott City.

Alexis Leon said,

“We there strict guidelines given to us, like that we had to give our entire presentation in roughly 2-3 minutes. Which was kind of nerve racking that we had to tweak and fit our entire presentation into such short time.”

Garden City High had three groups of students that decided to participate, one group consisting of Ryleigh Whitehurst, Hailey Dart and Reagan Nordby. Another being Alexis Leon, Esmeralda Cruz and Daisy Morales; and the final group was made up of Chloe Hanigan, Elena Lemke and Olivia Hanigan. Each group received their topic and had a week to prepare a presentation. Presentations from the event included poster boards, speeches and visual representations over their topics.

The group made up of Olivia and Chloe Hanigan and Elena Lemke came out of the lab victorious. The topic they received was “caffeine consumption and and its effects on heart rate, reaction time and concentration. Olivia said,

“I think we felt pretty confident going into the competition because we’ve done this twice before.”

The Hanigan and Lemke group, because they won this regional competition will be headed to the state competition in November with Mrs. Schneider. This group prepared by gathering research from doctors and various other written sources, creating a poster board presentation, writing their speech, by doing their own little experiment and usually psychical visual representations such as Starbucks cups and red-bull cans. girls will be entered into the competition with the same topics they were originally given at regionals and not allowed to make any changes to their original. This next stage the girls will be taking on is a state wide competition that will be held at the University of Kansas.

Brayden Southern is a junior in the Health Academy, you can contact him at

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