‘Stranger’s in Town’ excites Documentary captures essence of Garden City

Hannah Kipp

Sugar Beet Staff Reporter

Coming soon to a town near you. Garden City was the subject of a new film, Strangers in Town. This film, created by Steve Lerner, focused on the diverse culture of Garden City that many other small towns simply don’t have. Last spring, the group who worked on the film were exploring everything Garden City had to offer, from some of the best restaurants in town, to the some of the small class rooms at the high school, Garden City was the perfect pick for the film. The first premier of the film was shown free to the public at the high school on Oct. 16.

“Well, it’s kind of funny, we had hoped to be totally done by the time we had shown it [the film] up there, but we are still doing some technical things, like revising a bit of music that was in there and we are doing something called color correction,” Lerner said “It should only take a certain number of weeks and then it will be available.”

The inspiration for the film was given to the team when talking to a, now retired, Kansas University professor about immigration in the United States. The goal for the film is to be free to the public. The people working on the film wanted as many people to see the film and understand what “Garden City has to say” as Lerner phrased.

One of the many people who came to see the showing was Roger Syng, arts and communications principal.

“I enjoyed the documentary very much I thought it was an extremely good interpretation of Garden City and what we do. I was really pleased.” Syng said. “I think the ending didn’t express the diversity that I think the movie wanted to show, I think it could’ve been improved by showing much more variety.” Other than that statement, Syng felt as though the film makers did a fantastic job on the film.

However, the praise doesn’t stop there.

“I thought it was awesome. They did a beautiful job of showing off Garden City and the people that live here. They did what they came here to do and I’m proud of them,” Johb SIlva, arts and communications junior, said.

To go watch the trailer go to vimeo under Trailer: Strangers in Town by Steve Lerner.

Hannah Kipp is a arts and communications sophomore. You can contact her at kipph@student.gckschools.com.

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