Buff’s cap off season in Topeka

McKenna Jagels 

Sugar Beet staff reporter  

“Band 10 hut!” The Marching Stampede takes the field, prepared to pump up the crowd for a game during Friday night lights. The marching band also participates in marching competitions. As they concluded their marching season on Saturday, Oct. 20, they went out with a bang. Finishing this year’s season with ‘one’ ratings at two out of their three competitions.

Marching competitions are judged based on many factors including: tempo, marching, color guard and the playing of instruments. Each band is rated one through five, one being an excellent rating and five being not so excellent.

The bands show themed after Edgar Allen Poe’s works this year seemed to go over well with judges. Throughout the season the band continued to improve and everyone remained willing to work.

“We’ve had more rehearsals this year and most people are actually willing and trying to learn the new steps and movements throughout the music,” Julia Irsik, health junior, said.

This year has been a stressful, yet successful year for the band as they constantly rehearsed in order to prepare for competitions and halftime shows. From band camp to KBA, the bands improvement was inevitable, even improvement year to year.

“Every year we’ve improved as a band, marching wise, playing wise, the drill has gotten harder, the music has gotten harder, the intensity within the band has improved and that always encourages me and excites me for the future,” Lyle Sobba, director of the Marching Stampede, said.

As the curtain closes on marching season and uniforms are put on the racks for the last time until fittings next year, concert season is ready to begin.

“I’m pretty excited about concert season. I’ve heard a few of the pieces for the upcoming Christmas concerts and I’m extremely excited about them,” Faith Whited, health senior, said.

The band divides into three as it prepares for its Christmas concert: wind ensemble or Buffalo band, symphonic band, and concert or freshman band.

“I’m especially excited about this years Christmas pieces, they are absolutely beautiful,” Sobba said.

Many students are excited about preparing for their first concert on Dec. 17. There will also be two concerts during the spring semester on Mar. 7 and May 13.

“I feel like we will do great things this concert season as long as we work hard and stay focused,” Irsik said.

McKenna Jagels is a health sophomore, you can contact her at jagelsm@student.gckschools.com.   

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