Spooky saints of fear

Caedyn Gomez

Sugar beet staff reporter 

Strengthening families, one paintball at a time. Saints of Fun paintball course was recently brought into to Garden city last year. The paintball course is located 3555 N Jennie Barker Road. 

“It is a family friendly environment, we try making it as safe as possible, it’s relatively cheap and you can stay for a good amount of time” Nathan Zatapia part time employee.

Although it’s only open Thursday through Saturday, It’s not just paintball this time of year, they also have a haunted house, haunted maze and zombie laser tag. If customers want to play the not scary version, it goes from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. and if they want scary it’s 8 p.m. to 11 p.m. During the day special church youth groups get a discount. The cost for laser tag is $7.75 per person and a 10 minute round. It’s $17 per person if they want three 10 minute rounds. $22 per person if they want to do five 10 minute rounds. Night laser tag is coming soon, but it is $7.75 per person for one fifteen minute round. The six pack special packages customers must have at least six players,  $90 will get people three ten minute rounds. If customers pay $120 will get people five 10 minute rounds. Laser tag mobile reservation, customers must provide location, electricity, and a large area for event. The cost is $250 for one hour and there can be unlimited players or $400 for a two hour session unlimited players and save $100 on the second hour. The last option is $500 for a three hour session, unlimited players and save $150 in the third hour. Church youth group Mobile laser tag. Must provide location, electricity and a large area for event. One hour session and unlimited players. A two-hour session, unlimited players, zorb balls save $50 on second hour and $150 saved in zorb balls. For a three hour session, unlimited players, zorb balls savings of $150 on third hour. 

“It is a fun experience and it can sometimes bring families closer together, unless your families competitive” Camden Munoz sophomore public service academy says.

Maze of nightmares is taken place in a corn field right beside the paintball course, at the same time as the zombie paintball. 

“It’s a good idea to me but I don’t see why people would want to dress up as zombies and get shot with paintballs. It’s kind of like what Horsethief does the whole month of October” customer Wade Crawford said.

Caedyn Gomez is a public service sophomore contact him at 


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