New faces at the front of the classroom

Emily Ortiz

Sugarbeet staff reporter

This year at there are new teacher additions. Garden City High School has three new student teachers this year: Ms. Garcia in Ms. Tonche’s classroom teaching Spanish I, Mr. Runnion in Mr. Duran’s classroom teaching U.S. History, and Ms. Tobin in Mr. Lappin’s classroom adding to the buffalo coffee shop staff.

Ms. Garcia knew growing up that she wanted to help children learn in school. She went to college at The University of Nebraska in Kearney, Nebraska.

“I was always a student that helped others out and I always enjoyed helping the teacher in the classroom” Ms. Garcia, student teacher said. “After 3rd grade I knew I wanted to go to college after high school because it was expected of me. I had an older sister who was attending a 4-yr University at the time and she became my role model. I wanted to be like her and make my parents proud of my accomplishments.”

Ms. Garcia grew up in Lexington, Nebraska and was fortunate enough to find Garden City through a Spring education employment fair.

“I was walking around looking at all the schools and what they offered and there was something about Garden City, KS that drew my attention. The demographics of the town are very similar to my own hometown” Ms. Garcia said. “I could see myself fitting in just right into the community and teaching in the school. It was also a good distance from home, not too far and not too close. At the time I was also wanting to become more independent so I saw it as a great opportunity for myself and my future.”

Mr. Runnion has always had a passion for history and decided he wanted to make a career out of it. Mr. Runnion went to Kansas State University for six and a half years.

“Overall I am interested in teaching 11th and 12th grade,” Mr. Runnion, student teacher, said. “I would be happy getting to teach any grade if it is in the field of Social Studies.”

Mr. Runnion is from El Dorado, Kan. and decided to come to Garden City because it was a different city than what he is used to, which he thought would be a good idea.

“I thought it would have many things to teach me,” Runnion said. “So far I am happy to say that I have learned a lot from my short time here and I hope to learn many more as the years progress.”

Ms. Tobin decided to come back to her hometown roots after growing up and going to school in Pratt Kan. This had a big influence on her decision to student teach at Garden City High School. She is helping in the life skills classroom for special needs students. She was influenced by a couple of her home town high school teachers to become a special needs teacher for high school students.

Emily Ortiz is a trade and health student. You can contact her at

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