Foreign adventures GCHS plans trip to Costa Rica

Oliver Nguyen

Sugar Beet staff reporter

For many students, traveling to a foreign country is a dream, but recently Garden City High School has made that dream a reality for some students. Education First, and educational tour company, allows students to travel out of the country and has tours all around the world ranging from Europe to the Caribbean. The summer of 2020, Garden City is offering students the chance to travel to Costa Rica and experience once-in-a-lifetime experiences.

“This is an awesome opportunity for students to get out of their own bubble and challenge themselves to learn other ways of life and culture,” Layla Lappin, art & communication teacher and tour director, said.

The students will be able to go on a boat tour and see the wildlife of Costa Rica, volcanoes, hot springs whitewater raft and even zip line through the rain forest. Landmarks and cities the students will see are La Fortuna Waterfall, the Arenal Region of Costa Rica, Monteverde, Manuel Antonio National Park and San José. There will even be an opportunity for them to cook an authentic Costa Rican meal. Not only will students be able to experience the wildlife of Costa Rica, but they would also see the cultural differences between the two countries.

“I think it would be cool to learn about how different their culture is from ours and how their way of living differs from here in the United States,” Kaleb LaPointe, public service senior, said.

This trip allows students who have never been outside of the United States an opportunity to experience the lifestyle of other countries and the beauty of the Costa Rican wildlife. They will be able to enjoy activities that are not available to them in Kansas, see the massive rain forest of Costa Rica and the exotic wildlife and even experience new foods.

“I would be excited to travel to Costa Rica because it’s a place I’ve never been to and I could experience new things and learn about the lifestyle differences with our country,” Reid Richmeier, trade and health junior, said.

The trip is funded by students, but there is also a donation page and all the money raised would go toward paying for the students trip. The trip will last for 10 days and students would go during July of 2020.

Oliver Nguyen is a trade and health academy junior. You can contact him at

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