Spooky season has come and gone, but Garden City High School art students and 4th graders at Jennie Wilson elementary school continued the celebration into November. The sculpture and graphic design classes at GCHS traveled to the elementary school on Thursday, November 29, for a collaborative art project titled “Monsters in the Closet.”

“The Jenny Wilson students drew the monsters, Mrs. Baker’s class made felt sculptures of the monsters and we [graphic design students] created a package for those sculptures,” Joshua Greenberg, the graphic design teacher, said. The “packages” that he mentioned were 3D interactive boxes created in Adobe Illustrator

After working in their mutual schools on the project, the high school students traveled to Jenny Wilson to show the younger students how their artwork came to life.

“We sat down with the kids and decorated the monsters and the boxes,” Garret Smith, a graphic design student, said. “It was really fun time for everybody.”

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