Scholars strike out

Brody Hoff

Sugar Beet staff reporter

How many years has the high school had a scholars bowl team? Buzz! Answer: this is the high school’s first year having a team. The team has gone to five tournaments so far out of the seven total as well as regionals at the end to finish up the scholars bowl season. The two coaches and sponsors of the scholars bowl team are Coach Carey McFann and Coach Rachael Bentley.

“This is a young team that we have not had for very long and we have to build it from scratch, we are against teams that have been doing this for many years and that can be tough but we are smart and we are working on buzzing in faster,” McFann, scholars bowl sponsor said.

Because this is the first scholars bowl team the high school has had, they are focused on building it up and improving for future years.

“The school has not had scholars bowl in a while so we are enjoying it, we have mainly been focusing on our speed buzzing in and our confidence, but we are improving,” Jasmin Flores, health academy sophomore said. The team is working on answering questions over getting the answers to questions right. This will increase the speed that the team can answer questions.

“A lot of the teams we are going against have had their kids on the teams for three to four years, to get to varsity they had to be on these teams for a few years and this can be tough but our kids keeping working at it and are very determined and I can tell a difference from the beginning of the year to now,” McFann said.

“I think I am improving little by little in all the topic questions and that makes me feel good, I’m enjoying scholars bowl because I am learning a lot and it’s allowing me to meet new people and make good friends,” Flores said.

The team travels to schools across Western Kansas to compete.

“The people in here work hard and show up to practices, we need to talk more as a team and communicate together, and encourage others to join to help build up our young team,” Jimmy Lieu, a trade academy sophomore, said.

“Scholars bowl is great for me because I’ve never had the experience of competing using the information I’ve learned in school, I haven not really had a place to use this knowledge in a competitive environment, and it is thrilling to use my brain power and showing off what I can do with it and not having to just use my muscles for competition. it is a real eye-opening experience,” Lieu said.

Brody Hoff is a trade academy student, you can contact him at

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