Bowling Buffs

McKenna Jagels

Sugar Beet staff reporter

Buffalo men’s and women’s bowling is stampeding into the 2019 season. This year’s teams are working and preparing to continue their state successes like the teams before them, in recent years. Teammates, girls and boys alike, are all hopeful and filled with anticipation for upcoming tournaments.

The varsity boys squad includes Brayden Bicket, Caiden Orozco, Kaden Whitehurst, Dionicio Resendiz, and Ty Weilert. The girls’ team includes Ryleigh Whitehurst, Faith Whited, Holly Bridges, Alexis Leon, Karl Larson and Angelina Leeper.

The girls have started off with a bang.

“So far we’ve only bowled at two events but they’ve both gone really well. We ended up getting second at a Wichita tournament and received all 11 WAC points at out first conference match this year, Alexis Leon, health senior, said.

The boys also competed in Wichita at the Bishop Carol Invite and in Liberal.

“We placed third overall at Bishop Carroll and we struggled in Liberal, but it is the hardest match we will face all year,” Kaden Whitehurst, freshman, said.

Although the boys may not have had as smooth a start as the girls they are still geared up and ready to go for their next tournaments.

“The season is going really good, much better than I had expected for this year, it’s a big step up from last year,” Brayden Bicket, senior, said.

Results from the recent liberal tournament include a first place finish from Whitehurst with an overall 520, a second place finish from White with a 516, and a third place finish from Leeper with an overall score of 513. The girls swept the competition taking every available WAC point, 11 to be exact.

The boys had a rough day in Liberal; Bicket managed to finish in third with an overall total of 551. The boys embed up with two out of the 11 available conference points. The WAC rival may have taken the boys by surprise but they are ready to work so they can come out ready to crush their future opponents.

“Energy is high now, we need to get as many WAC points as possible so we can win,” Whitehurst said. Bicket is also ready to get back out there.

“I assume in future we will do very well, considering we have such a young team,” Bicket said.

McKenna Jagels is a health sophomore, you can contact her at

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