Early Graduates

Kayla Nguyen

Sugar Beet staff reporter

While most students were looking forward to winter break, some seniors were looking forward to their last day of high school. For a handful of seniors they’ve already graduated prior to the graduation at the end of the year. Seniors have the option to graduate at the end of their first semester their final year. But, they still need to meet all of the requirements to graduate. Finishing 24 course credits; including a computer, fine arts, language arts, oral communications, math, science, social studies, physical education and general electives. These could be taken through zero hour classes, or night school to graduate earlier.

There are a lot of upsides to early graduation, like gaining more freedom. People could use this time to work and make money for college. They could also take a semester off from school to have a break, or even go to college. Even though early graduates gain freedom, they lose the opportunity to participate in school activities for the second semester. For instance being involved in sports for the spring. But, they do have the option to attend prom and walk to receive their diploma during the May graduation.

Some people decide to move as far away as they can from Garden City and forget about high school to start college early.

“I’m going to start school in Colorado, nothing too exciting has happened besides having some more freedom,” Ty Consbruck, early graduate, said.

Or some people tend to focus on making money for college during their newfound free time.

“My plans are to work and make some more money for college. Then, in August I’m going to school at the JuCo (Garden City Community College),” Carlos Escarcega, early graduate, said.

People could make the mindful decision to stay in Garden City to attend the junior college. There are some benefits to this such as staying at home, paying less money for the tuition, taking the core classes and finishing them before choosing a major and heading to a four year college.

“My plans are to work full time and save up until I go to college,” Lesli Lopez, early graduate, said.

A repetitive decision is to work a full-time job to save up for the expenses of college tuition. This is a choice many early graduates make.

“The only exciting thing that has happened since I graduated was I made more money,” Lopez said.

Kayla Nguyen is a health and trade sophomore. You can contact her at nguyenk3@student.gckschools.com.

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