Semester school

Brody Hoff

Sugar Beet staff reporter

For students failing a core class that they desperately need a credit for, there is a simple solution: semester school. However there are a few stipulations before a student could take one of these classes. First a student must have a grade between a 49.5 percent and a 59.4 percent in a core class. Then they must have been signed up before Jan. 14th. After a chat with their counselor the student will be signed up for semester school.

“Students that  are  close to passing a core class can take semester school and work on papers and packets from 3:30 to 5:30 until either the time is up or they have a 59.5z grade average in a core class,” Kaelee Armstrong, trade counselor, said. Counselor’s have sent out e-mails to every student who qualifies to participate in semester schooling. Taking semester school means the student will not have to repeat an entire semester of a class. However, it is up to the students  on whether or not they will be participating in semester schooling.

“It is up to the students, however this is such a great opportunity for them to take. No other district near us give their students such an advantage like this one and we should all be grateful for this opportunity,” Emily Hamlin, health counselor, said. Students who don’t take this opportunity have a chance to damage their grade point average (GPA) and also have a chance to miss graduating or promoting with their grade.

“There are over 600 total Fs in core classes, this is around our average number for a year. However many of these Fs are with the same student so there are not as many as it would appear,” Hamlin said. Students can work on multiple of their Fs and go until their finished. If a student is signed up they will work on their grades after school until they are finished with the Fs in the corresponding core classes.

“I help in the social studies room, there was a need my first year at GCHS and I expressed interest even though social studies wasn’t my area of expertise ,” Janet Hackett life coach said. The rooms that will be hosting semester school, including corresponding classes are: C117 for Freshman English. C217 and C219 are home to sophomore through senior English. C220 is helping with freshman and lower math, while C216, and C218 are hosting upper level math. All sciences are in C223 and social studies are in both rooms C221 and C222. Computer Edgenuity is in C202 and select electives are in rooms C113 and C115.

Brody Hoff is a Sugarbeet staff reporter you can contact him at

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