Buffs gear up for winter homecoming

Julie Calzonetti

Sugar Beet staff reporter

This time of year has come back around and the Homecoming festivities are back in full effect. The fifth hour student council team is in charge of winter homecoming spirit week advised by Sandra Naeve and Elizabeth Alfeo. Spirit week is from Feb. 4 – 8 and has a lot of exciting student activities planned. This is the first year for both Naeve and Alfeo to be advising the homecoming planning.

“Since we are first year advisers, there has been some things sneaking up on us that caught us by surprise, but we are working through it and having lots of fun preparing for this homecoming,” Alfeo said.

The themes for spirit week begin on Monday Feb. 4th with ‘Murcia Monday, then ‘Tacky Tourist Tuesday,’ ‘Workout Wednesday,’ ‘Twins and Triplets Thursday’ and lastly a unique one to finish off the week with ‘Friendzone Friday.’ All of the themes are fairly self explanatory, but the meaning behind ‘Friendzone Friday’ comes with a twist. The students are supposed to wear a color outfit corresponding to their relationship status. With five colors to chose from people can wear green which represents ‘single,’ yellow represents if things are complicated, blue is for those who are basically dating, but without the label and call it ‘talking,’ red represents ‘taken’ and lastly for people who don’t like confessing things can wear white.

The Homecoming court has been released to those that were chosen by the teachers. The freshman candidates who were selected are Joel Bellows and Emily Chandler. Sophomores are Abigail Parr, Esai Morales, Madison Stout and Jimmy Lieu. The juniors consist of Reagan Karlin, Nathan Morren, Taylor Newsom, Nathan Ayala, Ana Casados and Zylus Arteaga. Lastly, the four senior pairs who are in the running for the crown are Reagan Nordby, Tyler Morren, Caitlyn Harman, Alexander Elchuck, Monica Quintanar, Khamde Pak, Emma Sanchez and Casey Koester.

“I was really surprised to get nominated for homecoming, but it will b a cool experience,” Bellows, freshman, said.

On homecoming spirit week there will be two separate assembly’s. The first one will be on Wednesday morning to recognize the candidates and the second one will be to celebrate the Homecoming festivities and get ready for the big basketball games that night.

A the finale of Homecoming week will be a fun student section for the big game and the crowning of the king and queen at halftime of the boys basketball game.

“Stuco wanted to do something unique for the homecoming game so we decided to have the student section theme be ‘a curtain of distraction,’” Ryleigh Whitehurst, senior, said. There will unfortunately not be a Homecoming dance.

Julie Calzonetti is a public service sophomore, you can contact her @calzonettij1@student.gckschools.com.

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