Buff bowlers’ season rolls on

Hannah Kipp 

Sugar Beet staff reporter

Buffalo bowling strikes out, in a good way, on Jan. 31 at their Liberal dual along with the Campus Invitational on Feb. 2. The Buffalo girls’ varsity took all 11 WAC (Western Athletic Conference) point at their dual against Liberal at Hard Rock Lanes. The girls continued to Saturday taking second in the Campus Invitational while the Buffalo boys’ varsity took third. Holly Bridges, varsity girls’ bowler, had an exceptional day in Liberal and lead the way with a 711 series, placing first for the day.

“I feel like the rest of the season will go really well for the girls because the team is starting to find a very nice rhythm and we are working really well as a team,” Bridges said.

The bowling boys’ varsity team also had a stand out front runner during both meets; Kaden Whitehurst, varsity boys’ bowler, took first with a 675 series on Thursday and had only a single open during his series (meaning getting a strike or spare every bowl except once).

“We have a really good shot to make it to State and we a finally putting all the pieces together to make a great team,” Whitehurst said.

Whitehurst’s sister, Ryleigh Whitehurst, girls’ varsity bowler, had a rough day on Saturday changing up her bowl in attempt to get back on track.

“I guess I struggled a little, I left way too many single pins even with pocket shots and my coach I were kind of at a loss for words. We tried all sorts of moves and ball changes,” Whitehurst said.

At the pace that the team has been going this far into the season, both the boys’ and girls’ varsity Buffalo bowling teams have a fair chance at the State tournament if they continue to place in their meets. The team has high expectations going into the next few meets before their WAC tournament hopefully adding to our WAC record in Buffalo athletics and maybe even a state win.

“I think we will be pretty successful the rest of the season. There is a very high chance of getting both varsity teams to state this year to compete for another state title,” Faith Whited, girls’ varsity bowler, said.

The WAC tournament will be on Feb. 14 in Garden City for both the girls’ and boys’ teams.

Hannah Kipp is a arts and communications sophomore. You can contact her at kipph@student.gckschools.com.

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