Swimmers prepare for conference meet

Emily Ortiz

Sugar Beet staff reporter

The buffs boys swim team made a splash in Manhattan, Kan. The boy swimmers cut lots of time off of many of their races. They are working hard to keep working hard towards getting better.

“Manhattan went great for me,” Jack Koerperich, freshman said. “I cut time on every event I swam the 200 freestyle, the 50 freestyle, and the 100 freestyle. I’m trying to mentally prepare more than anything for Western Athletic Conference (WAC). I’m also practicing as hard as I can to prepare for it. We only have a few more practices left and I’m making each of them count.”

The boys swim meet will take place February 7th, Thursday in Hays.

“Manhattan went well for us as a team, as well as for me personally. Nathaniel Hubbard, senior said. “We placed 5th overall and had some good swims. I cut time in every race which has been a great confidence booster.

“As a team we are trying to focus on the quality of every swim we do instead of the quantity” Nathaniel Hubbard, senior said. “Each and every practice they have been working on more of race pace rather than building their insurance. We’re trying to rest our bodies well and make sure to get good practices in these few days before Wac.

The buffs swimmers will be taking on state with a qualifying relay after WAC.

“Manhattan went really well for the team” Nathan Morren, junior said. “We finished in 5th place and a bunch of our guys were able to medal. I tried to cut time on my 100 free, but unfortunately I didn’t. For WAC, I am trying to focus on my 200 free time and trying to get that lower so our team can score some points. The season overall is going very well and I enjoy my fellow teammates. As a first year swimmer, the practices are pretty difficult, but I think that I am getting used to it. ”

The buffs next swim meet will be in Hays, Kan. as they try and take home the Western Athletic conference (WAC).

Emily Ortiz is a trade and health student. You can contact her @student.gckschools.com.

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