GCHS crowns homecoming royalty

Abby Parr

Sugar Beet staff reporter

Tue. Feb. 5 the school was taken over by dozens of tacky tourist. It was just one of the many wacky themes that took places during homecoming week. To start off the week the first day was Murica’ Monday, then Tacky Tourist Tuesday, Workout Wednesday, Twin and Triplets Thursday, and Friend Zone Friday. The king and queen crowning took place on Friday Feb. 8, during halftime of the boys basketball game. The queen candidates were, Raegan Nordby, Monica Quintanar, Emma Sanchez and Caitlyn Harman. The king candidates were Khamde Pak, Alexander Elchuck, Tyler Morren and Casey Koester.

Senior Monica Quintanar was crowned homecoming queen.

“I was so nervous when I was told I had got nominated. I did not know how I would walk because of my crutches,” Quintanar said. Quintanar got hurt playing basketball, she had to have surgery, which meant she had to wear a boot and walk on crutches during the ceremony, but that didn’t stop her. She said her favorite part of the whole week was getting to have a snow day.

“I was so happy when I won because I was not really expecting to win,” Quintanar said. There were so many emotions after the big night. Now, Quintanar has to plan on what comes next, after high school she plans on attending Bethany College to play basketball and wants to study to become a Pharmacist.

Senior Casey Koester was crowned homecoming king. Casey is someone who has been very involved around the school and is very well known as well. He is one of the many students who goes from classroom to classroom with the Buffalo Coffee Shop.

“I was happy when I won, I liked getting to walk with Emma,” Casey said. After high school, Casey plans on attending college. “I am going to miss Mr. Lappin and Sabrina,” Casey said.

Paul Lappin is Casey’s Life Skills teacher.

“Casey has grown and contributed in many ways, just by his usually abilities and the fact that everybody knows him. I’m just going to miss him as a whole. He is someone who is really fun to be around. It’s tough to have a bad day when you are around him,” Lappin said.

Abby is a health academy sophomore, you can contact her at parra2@student.gckschools.com

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